House Policy

Barack Thermal Camping

  1. Only pre-registered guests are allowed to stay within the area of Barack Thermal Camping.
    By checking-in, the guest acknowledges that they accept the camping policy and the general terms and conditions and they consider them binding upon themselves.
    Reception is open every day between 8AM-8PM.
    For guests arriving after 7PM, the camping staff will appoint a temporary plot.
  2. The designation of plots is the exclusive right of the camping staff. Before checking in, all campers shall have the opportunity to check the plot that will be provided to them. No additional plot or space may be used outside the perimeters of the designated plot. Apart from the designated plot, no additional space may be used, not even temporarily. Each guest may only park their car on their own plot.
  3. Current prices are available at the camping reception.
  4. Visitors of the camping guests are required to have a valid spa ticket. Visitors are requested to leave the camping by 10 PM.
  5. Bringing pets into the camping is subject to a separate fee. Dogs shall be kept on a leash in the area. All pets must have their necessary veterinary certificates, which must be presented by guests on request. Please make sure that your pet does not disturb the peace of other guests. The person registering them shall be responsible for the pets (medical condition, any damages caused by them). The designated area for walking dogs is the area opposite the camping. Dogs and other pets are strictly forbidden from the Tisza-parti Thermal Spa.
  6. The camping gate is closed at 10PM, after which it is not possible to drive in or out of the camping by car. Our guests can use the small gate at night on foot, to come in and out.
  7. Please hand in any objects found at the camping reception.
  8. Please immediately report any equipment failure at the reception, so our colleagues may begin fixing the problem. Any arbitrary technical intervention on the equipment and furnishings of the camping is strictly prohibited! Intentional damage or theft of the furnishings will in all cases give rise to damages or entail the filing of a police report.
  9. Please mind the plants, be careful not to break the bushes, branches and shoots, do not trample on the saplings, do not run over the bushes lining the parking space. Please do not tie the clothesline to the trees and do not hang anything on tree branches.
  10. There is no designated campfire site in the camping area, lighting fires is strictly prohibited! You may only use any barbecue equipment in accordance with fire safety regulations and with the prior authorization of the camping staff. Please only use your barbecue equipment under conditions which do not disturb others and always with extreme caution.
  11. A fire extinguisher is available at the reception. General emergency number: 112
  12. On the use of gas cylinders: you may only use them with standard pressure regulators so that they do not cause any damage to the environment. It is forbidden to use cylinders over 33kg in the campers.
  13. Use of power: Power consumption 10 A/plot. Each guest may only use a single power connection, and if we detect the use of multiple connectors, we will charge you double for the electricity fee.
  14. Quiet hours: Night time rest: 22:00 – 06:00, Lunchtime rest: 12:00 – 14:00
  15. The maximum speed of vehicles permitted in the camping area is 5 km/h.
  16. Please consider the opening hours of the reception when planning to make your payment. Settling of financial transactions (payment, billing) is possible every day between 8AM and 7PM. Barack Thermal Camping requests the payment of the services provided to the camping guests prior to their departure, at the latest. No refunds are possible for the cancellation of a prepaid service.
  17. The campsite guests are required to leave the plot by 11AM, and will be charged for another night for any check-outs after 11AM.
  18. Barack Thermal Camping assumes no liability for any damage to the guests' property, their loss of any property left unattended, for any damage caused to third parties, for damages pursuant to storms and natural disasters (hail, falling trees and branches), fire, infectious diseases and terrorist acts.
  19. Guests may address their complaints to the staff. Guests who violate the policy of Barack Thermal Camping and of the Spa or the general terms and conditions, will be asked to leave the camping. We may request that competent authorities take measures against guests who refuse to leave the area.
  20. The camping manager and staff are entitled to monitor compliance with the policies and to call on guests to comply with the policies in every case.