Barack Thermal Resort, Tiszakécske

Medicinal bath

A gift from nature

From a depth of 1,344 metres, our gentle 52°C medicinal waters come fresh every dawn to our outdoor pools, representing the heart of the complex, or as we call it, the pit of Barack, as “barack” means apricot in Hungarian.

We are delighted to see that the benefits of our certified 36 and 38 C waters are being enjoyed not only by the older generation who want to heal, but also by the younger generation who are coming for preventive treatment. After all, health has become fashionable, a trend that perfectly fits the concept of “wellness”.

At the same time, the role of the water of Tiszakécske, with its high fluoride and sodium bicarbonate content, in healing has been unquestionable for decades, and the popularity of our medicinal services and the feedback of our guests are a guarantee of this.

Composition of water
Our pools

Good to know!

  • rheumatic and joint problems
  • skeletal and spinal diseases
  • rehabilitation after surgery
  • treatments after accidents
  • gynaecological diseases
  • gastric acid (in the form of drinking)
  • arthritis
  • serious cardiovascular diseases
  • acute, inflammatory diseases
  • cancers
  • severe increase in blood pressure
  • infectious diseases, fever
  • pregnancy

dr. László, Márta

Our rheumatologist medical specialist

Consultation hours: Mondays 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Dr. László, Márta graduated with a post-graduation degree in the specialization of Recreation from the University of Sports. She worked as a medical director at the State Hospital of Parádfürdő. In Mátraderecske, Hungary, she participated in the development of Hungary's first dry carbon dioxide bath as head of the professional research team, and was involved in the development and application of the professional protocol in 1999. In recent years, she has been organising spa tourism programmes in other well-known spas in Hungary.

She is the pioneer of balneotherapy. She has been strengthening the medical team at Benyovszky Medical Centre for more than 5 years, using her expertise and great empathy to help and cure the patients who come to her.

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Ask for an appointment at our medical department, by phone or e-mail! Take action for yourself, take action for your health! Take advantage of our medical services!

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Any day of the week