About us

It feels good to come — it feels even better to come home!

Here, at Tiszakécske, this feeling of arriving to your second home captivates the guests, thanks to the undisturbed peace of the countryside and the sincere hospitality we welcome everyone with. Well, tradition is tradition: we are a family business, with a homely atmosphere, as we have been for 35 years now!

The history of our complex began in 1984, close to the Tisza, just a few steps away from the riverbank. That is when our family took over the operation of the bath, which we beautified and developed year after year.
A modern medical department, new pools, a sauna world, family-friendly developments followed one another, and later accommodations were added: a camping, apartments and a four-star hotel with 50 rooms.

Our guests can relax here close to the river, in the recreational zone of a friendly, calm little town in an establishment that received the official qualification of a health resort. You can choose from different accommodation types in our complex. Those who desire to spend time in a more elegant setting, can stay in our modern, 4-star hotel rooms, where the bathrooms on the ground floor even have medicinal water flowing from the tap. Those who prefer large open spaces and a green environment, can choose one of our natura apartments with a Scandinavian design and a private, heatable pool, or the thermal apartments, which are directly located on the area of the spa. And if you’re someone looking for a cool, free-spirited atmosphere, our camping will be the ideal choice for you.
A rich sauna world, versatile pools, wellness and a medical centre are available to our guests, offering  soothing treatments.

We consider it our mission to continuously provide high standards and to create a homely, cosy environment.

Today, two generations of our family are working in the complex. We also pay attention so that not only to our habits and traditions, but also the knowledge and experience gained, pass on from father to son and from mother to daughter.

Why is it called Barack?

You may not have heard of it, but Tiszakécske and its surroundings are famous for their apricot production. There is also an old apricot tree in the bath area, the fruit of which has provided us and our guests with heavenly marmalade for years. That is where the name of the hotel comes from, but the choice of name conveys a deeper message: the past is very important to us and also, that we know where we came from and where we are headed now.

Allow us to spoil you, you also deserve good health!

Be our guest!

accommodation offers
Barack Thermal Hotel & Spa
50 rooms
Thermal Apartments
13 apartments
Natura Apartments
12 apartments
Thermal Camping
104 parcels

Barack Inclusive - More than you would expect

10 pools, 8 sauna and a lot of pool experience


Spa and pool using

Free parking next to the resort



It won’t fall behind…



Deck chairs for the resing


Deck chair

Brand new sunshades to protect you from the sun …



In the winter as well a sin the summer the favorite of families!



Do some sport at the beach too!


Beach soccer court

Challenge yourself with some sport!


Foot tennis


Wellness experiences on
saunas and steam
pampering wellness services

Adventure spa

8 pools


Medical spa

2 pools


Slide park

4 slides



8 saunas