Rainbow adrenaline bomb!

One single pool, a water gun and a bucket – it’s not the biggest adventure for the children of the new generations. They need much more impulse and experiences…

So we said goodbye to our old slide with a big thank you for the last 27 years and we are ready to build a brand new slide park according to the demand of our time.

As we welcome a lot of families with children in our resort in summertime and our old slide did not give enough exiting moments to them, we decided to favor the lovers of sliding therefore our next investment will be a cool slide park! This project was financed fully by equity of Barack Thermal Resort.

It is important to us, that each visitor of our resort finds a slide which fit to his/her style and mood.

Anaconda slide: The Anaconda slide offers big entertainment for the youngest! It can be a good warm up before the harder ones!
2-lane family slide (race slide): It is an open, 2-lane slide giving the opportunity to have exciting races! Warning, we measure the time!
Kamikaze slide: Offered for the lovers of adrenalin and speed! Enjoy the incredible experience of free fall with a top speed of 60-70 km/h!
Rafting & Wave Slide: Open tube slide that offers unforgettable riding with a raft. Two types of slides are combined – rafting and wave slides - for the most intense moments! It is a unique experience in Hungary!

Our slide park can be seen from the entrance of the resort with its inviting colour and size.

The WATER SLIDE PARK operates daily from June 17th, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM!
On JUNE 17th, the use of the WATER SLIDE PARK is FREE!

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