Natura Apartments in Barack Resort

If you are looking for a premium environment, peace and quiet and nature all in one place, do not look any further, you have found your ideal accommodation type. Our Natura Apartments (twelve such apartments) offer you exactly that experience in a closed park, surrounded by ancient trees and squirrels, only a short walk away from the spa. In the centre of the area, there is a private heated pool for the residents of the apartments, but they may also use of the spa facilities and the sauna world free of charge. The houses have a Scandinavian design, characterized by lots of big glass surfaces, light colours and a clean style. Services here include extras, such as the possibility to order a cold plate anytime throughout the day or extra children’s equipment. You can cosy up in here with your family, with a bigger group of friends, or even your partner, and if you’re not careful, you’ll get so comfortable that you may not want to go back home eventually!


TV, convertible couch, dining table, fully equipped kitchen (dishes, silverware, hot plate, fridge, kettle, microwave and sandwich toaster), bedding in the bedrooms, towels, nightstand, free WIFI. We welcome our guests with EXTRA amenities:  baby-friendly equipment (baby bathing tub, high chair, foldable travel bed, footstool, toilet seat reducer).

Floor plan of the 53 square meters natura family apartment

27 square meters natura studio apartment floor plan

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Personal care-taking

Riverside, green environment

Family atmosphere

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Natura apartment prices


January 1 – March 31 2024.

Natura Apartments (27nm) Natura Family Apartments (53nm)
Price/apartment/night On weekdays On weekends (min. 2 nights) On weekdays On weekends (min. 2 nights)
1-2 person from 73 EUR from 84 EUR from 89 EUR from 100 EUR
3 person from 86 EUR from 99 EUR from 105 EUR from 118 EUR
4 person from 86 EUR from 99 EUR from 121 EUR from 135 EUR
5 person - - from 136 EUR from 153 EUR
6 person - - from 152 EUR from 170 EUR


1 April - 31 May 2024.

Natura Apartments (27nm) Natura Family Apartments (53nm)
Price/apartment/night On weekdays On weekends (min. 2 nights) On weekdays On weekends (min. 2 nights)
1-2 person from 87 EUR from 106 EUR from 103 EUR from 122 EUR
3 person from 102 EUR from 124 EUR from 121 EUR from 143 EUR
4 person from 102 EUR from 124 EUR from 139 EUR from 165 EUR
5 person - - from 157 EUR from 186 EUR
6 person - - from 175 EUR from 207 EUR


1-23. June and 20. August - 1 September 2024. (min. 2 nights)

Natura Apartments (27nm) Natura Family Apartments (53nm)
Price/apartment/night On weekdays On weekends On weekdays On weekends
1-2 person from 102 EUR from 121 EUR from 119 EUR from 138 EUR
3 person from 120 EUR from 143 EUR from 139 EUR from 162 EUR
4 person from 120 EUR from 143 EUR from 160 EUR from 186 EUR
5 person - - from 181 EUR from 210 EUR
6 person - - from 202 EUR from 234 EUR


23 June - 20 August 2024. (min. 2 night)

Price/apartment/night Natura Apartments Natura Family Apartments
1-2 person from 121 EUR from 186 EUR
3 person from 143 EUR from 186 EUR
4 person from 143 EUR from 186 EUR
5 person - from 210 EUR
6 person - from 234 EUR

Our cold plate offer

  • The apartments are self-catering, however we provide the possibility of ordering a Hungarian-style cold plate for 2 and 4 persons.
  • Contents of the cold plate: fresh bakery treats, lunchmeat, home-made style cheese and vegetables.
  • Please confirm us your cold plate order at booking or at the check-in.
  • Price of the plates: 14 EUR for 2 people, 27 EUR for 4 people

Price information

  • Prices include: accommodation, use of the spa  (including on the day of arrival and departure), parking next to the apartment, Wi-Fi, VAT
  • Prices do not include the tourist tax, which is 1,2 EUR/person/night (for those over 18)
  • Prices include the use of the Sauna World!

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wellness gift voucher for the amount of 1,000 HUF
Free Nordic walking


8 pools


Medical spa

2 pools


Slide park

4 slides



8 saunas


Barack Inclusive - More than you would expect

10 pools, 8 sauna and a lot of pool experience


Spa and pool using

Free parking next to the resort



It won’t fall behind…



Deck chairs for the resing


Deck chair

Brand new sunshades to protect you from the sun …



In the winter as well a sin the summer the favorite of families!



Do some sport at the beach too!


Beach soccer court

Challenge yourself with some sport!


Foot tennis


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Our guests love us!

“Dear Management, I’m a mother with a family but I have been coming here since my childhood. Even as a child, I always left this place with great new memories, but during the past years/decades :) the whole bath and the entire complex has undergone significant development. My favourite is the circular outdoor pool, only a few facilities heat the adventure pools to an adequate temperature. The sour-cream-cheese lángos is an absolute hit for both my daughter and I. A few years ago we stayed in one of the apartments, which was very clean and fully equipped with everything. Then last year we booked a room in Barack Hotel, which was absolutely lovely and the cooking was great. We used the Rózsabarack sauna in the wellness facility and what we really liked was the relax room with its floor covered in Tisza river sand, with soft music playing in the background. I was happy to see that new sun loungers and sunshades were installed. I hope that we will have the opportunity to come here again!”

2019. July 25.

“We have been coming to Tiszakécske for 42 years. We really like to spend time here. The spa is family friendly, pleasant and has undergone a lot of development. Circles of friends have formed here, your selection is good, the cleanliness is fine, the staff is nice. We don’t wish to go anywhere else. I hope that nothing will change.”

2018. June 06.

“Dear Management, Dear Employees, We have been coming to the Thermal spa in Tiszakécske for years with my partner (sometimes also the three of us, with my little son as well). We have become quasi regulars because we are fully satisfied with the services. The staff is extremely nice, helpful and cheerful. The bath area is sparkling clean. We would especially like to highlight Zsuzsanna Pápai sauna master’s enthusiastic, kind, magical personality and her fantastic sauna séances! Thank you for welcoming us regularly. I wish you all the best:”

2018. February 16.

“Dear Tisza-parti Thermal Spa, We have been returning guests with my family for years. We have spent several weekends at your spa during this hot summer too. I have not written in the guest book before, but I would like to thank you now for the many great experiences you provided us with, through your colourful activities. We were in the spa yesterday too and we had great fun! Pápai Joci’s concert was awesome. It is true that there were many people in this heat but everything was still up to the usual high standards. The pools were very clean (which unfortunately is not the case for many other baths). Your fried hake and sour-cream-cheese lángos have no match! We like coming to Tiszakécske because there are many pools and the activities are really good, yet prices are still affordable.”

2017. August 22.

“Dear Spa Operator, We have been coming to your establishment with my family for about 30 years. We started camping with a camper 3 years ago, and your campsite has become a regular place of ours. The camping staff is helpful and polite. We love the spa. Keep up the good work!”

2016. August 20.

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