Thermal Spa

You can freshen up anywhere but in our spa you can heal at the same time. Our guests can enjoy  the beneficial effects of the rich medicinal thermal water of Tiszakécske in two pools, with geysers and neck showers. Shade sails protect you from the sun and rain, and you can comfortably relax in a 36 and 38 degrees Celsius water throughout all seasons. And between two dips, you can spend time both outdoors and indoors, in cosy relax areas. 
The water coming from 1344 meters deep is primarily  beneficial for musculoskeletal and gynaecological problems, but the medicinal thermal water can also be used as drinking cure.

However, the blissful effects of the thermal water of Tiszakécske can be experienced not only in the pools, but also during our various healing, pampering and regenerating treatments. Our balneotherapy treatments can work wonders, even after a few session — the feedback from our guests has been a guarantee of that, for decades now. That is proof that this special miracle of nature really works!

And those who want to refresh and rejuvenate themselves, can choose from our wellness treatments.

During our massages trained professionals employ the widest repertoire of their premium products. Fruit acid extracted from apricot, mud from Hévíz, grape marc and goat butter balm, wine bath and coconut filings — all of the above serve the purpose of beauty and regeneration.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Our medicinal thermal water contains the following valuable minerals:

Components of the medicinal water / Water composition mg/l
Potassium K+ 7.3
Sodium Na+ 580
Ammonium NH4+ 12.6
Calcium Ca2+ 6.2
Magnesium Mg2+ 3.9
Iron Fe2+ 0.04
Lithium Li+ 0.04
Total cations 610
Chloride Cl- 64
Iodide J- 0.12
Fluoride F- 3.0
Sulphate SO42- <26
Hydrogen-Carbonate HCO3- 1647
Sulphide S2- 0.32
Phosphate PO43- 0.25
Total anions: 1740
Metaboric acid HBO2 9
Metasilicic acid H2SiO3 49
Carbondioxide CO2 47
Total 2455


Our recommended medical treatments

Underwater jet massage (tangentor)

The treatment specialist massages certain parts of the body and muscle groups from a distance of 10-15 cm with a strong jet of water. Relaxes stiff muscles and joints, relieves stress.

Dry carbon dioxide bath

The very high concentration of CO2 has a powerful vasodilating effect, which is excellent for treating chronic diseases of limbs’ arteries, veins and lymph vessels, and for treating vascular complications associated with diabetes.