Sweating is great!

You can experience this in our sauna world at different temperatures. Sauna is especially healthy and has many well-known, beneficial effects. You can experience these yourself if you visit us. It detoxifies the body, strengthens the immune system, beautifies the skin and relaxes you. Our Guests can take part in special sauna sessions led by our sauna masters.

For perfect results, it is important to enjoy the heat moderately and according to the sauna etiquette.

Our sauna world is designed to have a suitable option for those who cannot tolerate high temperatures.

Our Saunas

The infrared sauna’s temperature is 40-45 °C and exposes the body to a small amount of physical stress. It has detoxifying, slimming and skin-softening effects, 30-40 minutes of use is recommended daily.

Our sauna with apricot aroma is also less stressful for the body, its temperature is 55-60 °C. This type of sauna is special because of its unique, cozy design and the scent of pleasant aroma oils. 30-40 minutes of use is recommended daily.

The Finnish sauna’s temperature is traditionally 90-100 °C and it has low humidity. It is an intensive detoxifying sauna, 5-15 minutes of use is recommended at a time. It is not recommended to repeat this cycle more than three times in a row.

The main characteristic of the relax sauna is that the chamber is heated to a lower temperature than the classic Finnish sauna, in which the humidity is not too high. A room heated to 65 degrees C, where heavy sweating cleans the pores of our skin and thus affects the mineral composition of our body.

More from our sauna world

It is a room with 100% humidity, a temperature of 40 °C and a pleasant scent. The hot steam stimulates the blood circulation, the pores of the skin expand and clear up. Recommended to use for 10-15 minutes.

The salty air coming from the salt bricks is excellent for treating asthmatic diseases and respiratory tract infections. Recommended for smokers as well.

The use of the 16 °C plunging pool is recommended after using one of the saunas. It provides an excellent vascular exercise, tightens enlarged pores and stimulates blood circulation. Recommended to use only for a few seconds, and keep moving while in it.

It is a four-part hot and cold pool that is excellent for treating varicose veins and vascular problems. It is recommended to switch between sections with different temperature every 10 seconds.

One of our specialties, available exclusively at our Hotel. We wanted to create a relaxing room, where we could “bring” nature and the experience of the Tisza bank. In this room, you can relax on real Tisza sand after using one of the saunas. There is quiet music and a movie showing the natural beauties of the area playing in there.

It is a quiet room where you can relax on cozy, reclining loungers while listening to the sound of rushing water. It is completely quiet in there, you can focus inward and surrender yourself to the experience.

Sauna masters

Would you like to try sauna infusions with chocolate, poppy seeds, honey, ice or coffee? Do you wonder how such sessions take place? Our trained sauna masters enchant the senses with well-practiced, spectacular gestures, headily exciting scents and soft or very compact masks. They create a special experience and maximize the effects of sauna on our body and soul.

Our sauna masters attract our Guests with unique sauna programs and infusions from autumn to spring. Regarding themes, the sky is the limit. These exotic sessions take place in the Finnish sauna, the Stollen sauna and occasionally in the steam room on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Moreover, we organize a sauna evening every month and it is always on a Friday.

Good to know

Guests have to register to the sauna programs since the capacity is limited. Guests shall not use the given sauna 30 minutes prior to the program because sauna masters prepare the venue at that time.