Barack Thermal Resort, Tiszakécske

Sauna etiquette

What is appropriate and what is not?

  • A shower before and after a sauna always feels good
  • Please use towels or sauna towels in the saunas and sand room
  • Please enter the sauna cabins barefoot
  • Do not disturb the peace of other sauna users with loud talking or phone calls
  • Please do not bring any fragile objects (glass cups, plates, pocket mirrors, etc.) into the saunas
  • Please do not consume food, drinks or alcoholic drinks in the sauna, and do not use the sauna under the influence of alcohol
  • Showering before using the plunging pool is recommended

What is good for you and what is not?

  • Take a shower before the sauna and then dry your body with a towel
  • It is not recommended to take a sauna with an empty stomach or with a full stomach
  • Replenish lost fluids after a sauna, preferably with non-carbonated mineral water or fruit juice
  • Never “suffer”, don't extend too much you stay in the sauna, always stay as long as you feel comfortable
  • Taking a sauna is not recommended for patients with fever
  • The use of saunas is not recommended for inflammatory and infectious diseases
  • Relax for 20-30 minutes after sauna
  • Children under 14 years of age can use the saunas under the supervision of an adult