Places for relaxation

Between two dips or treatments, or between two hearty sauna sessions, stretch out and unwind in our comfortable sun loungers outdoors or in one of the special relaxation areas of the indoor spa. Here is our selection.

Relax room with Tisza river sand bath

One of our specialties that you can only find in our spa!

We wanted to create a room for relaxation, where we could “bring in” a little bit of nature and the Tisza beach experience. You can relax in the room after coming out of the sauna or between two treatments, on real Tisza river sand, while enjoying some quiet music and a film presenting the natural beauty of the area.

There is a unique atmosphere in this quiet, cool space, and the pictures and soft music only add to the experience. But the most special feeling about it all is, not doubt, lying on the cool, soft sand of the Tisza river. For a minute we can truly feel like we’re in nature.


A quiet room where you can relax after coming out of the sauna or between two treatments, lay back in the lounger and unwind while you listen to the soft sound of the water fountain.

It is completely peaceful here, you can turn your concentration fully inward and give in entirely to the experience.

In the middle of the room, the quiet sound of the tiny water fountain captivates the guests, and the experience is also enhanced by light effects. The waves of water rippling in the fountain are reflected on the walls and ceiling of the room in twilight.

Relax areas on the gallery

At the gallery level of the indoor spa, you can relax a little further away from all the noise and action. Peace is undisturbed here, there’s less coming and going.

The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly, the staff is helpful, there’s complete harmony and peace.

The noisy beach atmosphere will not get up here, unless that is want you want! At one end of the hall, there is a mini playground for the little ones, which can also be used as a child-care facility, upon request.

Relax outdoors

If you close your eyes in our outdoor sun loungers, you will feel as if you were by the sea.

A real beach atmosphere awaits everyone in a pleasant, green area where the bar and outdoor pools are within walking distance.

Our comfortable sun loungers and deck chairs are available to all guests, in a green space that is only becoming nicer and newer as time passes — something that we are truly proud of! Because the green space is rebuilt, beautified and expanded every year.

Another advantage of outdoor relaxation is that it allows you to see your kids, friends, family from your chair and you’ll never miss out on anything like that! There is always something good going on here!