Medical centre, wellness, sauna and adventures, indoors and outdoors

Recover, rest, recharge and relax — all this is possible for all generations, in one place. What is more, you can experience all this in a homely environment, which has become our trademark over the years, since the spa has been a family business for the past 35 years.


The second generation of owners, Attila and Éva have spent a lot of time here as children already, they know every little corner of the establishment and many returning guests have become good friends of theirs in the meanwhile.

Our spa is located in the most beautiful bend of the Tisza river, in the heart of a friendly thermal area and its biggest attraction is that its 1500 square meter large water surface can offer something to every single person. Relaxation and recovery to the older guests, adventurous slides and splashy fun to children.  And to everyone else we offer both activities and relaxation, with 10 pools, a 25 m long swimming pool, a colourful sauna world, special relaxing areas, playgrounds, high quality treatments and soothing thermal water.

In winter you can enjoy the chilly days in the steaming water outdoors, and in the summer you get a real beach experience, which we make even more enjoyable with loungers, a bar, buffets and a restaurant.

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