Hair salon


Do you know the panicky feeling you get after looking at your hair following a long bath or a sauna session? Do not worry, you will be in great hands with our hairdressers! They will restore your hairdo in no time. But why would you rush anyway? Life in Tiszakécske is not about rushing and stress, it is a place where you can spend enough time on yourself.

We exclusively use L'ORÉAL PROFESSIONAL products in our hair salon, which will allow you to

  • discover a whole new level of hair styling, thanks to the new trends of our time
  • benefit from a product and style advice, to discover what suits your personality the best
  • enjoy the salon experience and the extraordinary attention that you’ll get in any section of our complex

We await you with professional products and hair renewal treatments, at affordable prices.

Opening hours subject to registration, book an appointment!

Service Short Medium length Long
Shampoo + blow dry 2,600 HUF 3,200 HUF 3,600 HUF
Shampoo + hair cut + blow dry 3,500 HUF 4,100 HUF 4,500 HUF
Colouring + Shampoo + blow dry 8,900 HUF 9,900 HUF 10,900 HUF
Colouring + Shampoo + hair cut + blow dry 9,800 HUF 10,800 HUF 11,800 HUF
Colouring with foils 9,900 HUF 10,900 HUF 11,900 HUF
Men’s hair cut + Shampoo - 2,300 HUF -
Children’s hair cut - 1,500 HUF -
Hair structure rejuvenating treatment 750 HUF 850 HUF 950 HUF
Straightening - 1,000 HUF -
Curling - 1,500 HUF -

All prices are in HUF and include VAT.