Experiences and activities in the area

For those who wonder what is there to do in Tiszakécske, we offer a bet! We would bet a large amount on that in the end they will feel that their holidays are too short to try every activity. The large selection is guaranteed not only by the multitude of services we offer, but also by the opportunities of the town and its surroundings.

We regularly advertise thematic activities in our spa and hotel, you can follow the latest news on this site.


Barack Thermal Spa

Relax, recharge and heal in the Barack Thermal Spa, where various activities await you throughout all year. Night bathing, aqua fitness, Children's and Mothers’ Day activities, Kids festival and Beerbath festival... and the list goes on! In summer and on holidays qualified animators provide a variety of activities to guests.

Activities in Tiszakécske

There is always something going on in the town of sunlight and water that can also be interesting for those who are visiting. Music events, exhibitions, cultural and fine arts events lighten up the life of the small town.

Bowling alley and billiard room

Within a short walking distance from the Barack Hotel, the bowling and billiard club welcomes those who enjoy these activities all year-round — there is a children's alley too! In addition to the air-conditioned dual-lane automatic bowling alley and two high-quality, standard-sized billiards, foosball and darts are also available here. Reservations and more information available at the Barack Hotel Reception.

Go outdoors!

A number of tourist attractions await the tourists arriving in Tiszakécske in 2022! Our tranquil little town is preparing with fantastic experiences to dazzle all those whose hearts are close to nature and living water.

Let's take a look at everything we need to visit in Tiszakécske this year: approaching the resort area, we can't miss the location of our first stop, as our newest lookout tower stretches more than 14 meters, from which we can easily see the biggest bend of the Tisza in Hungary. From here we are just a few steps away and we are already bumping into rails where we can meet again the long-lost, but beautifully renovated little train, which can evoke long-forgotten, fond memories in many of us.

On the banks of the Holt-Tisza, a truly adventurous pile path will be built, with an herb garden, an insect hotel, a barefoot path and a birdwatcher for all members of the family.


RepTár Aviation Museum

The RepTár Aviation Museum is a unique aviation history exhibition in Eastern Europe. It includes 4,500 m2 of indoor exhibition space with a total exhibition area of 60,000 m². The museum is more than just a huge aircraft memorial park. Beside the retired and restored airplanes, several interactive tools offer special experiences to the visitors. The museum is also a theme park, providing great entertainment to all!

Sörárium — Interactive Beer Museum in Szolnok

Beer history exhibition, show brewery and gastropub in a steampunk setting. Sörárium offers diverse activities on over 1000 square meters! The museum can be an exciting program for those seeking adventure, for beer lovers, groups of friends and even families! Experience a blend of tradition and modern technology at Sörárium’s interactive exhibition venue!

B.A.P Macihad Teddy Bear Museum

A small selection of teddy bears will give you a taste of the huge private collection that Antal Balázs, born in Rákóczifalva, and his family started collecting a few years back. The number of teddy bears has reached 1700 today and their number is growing year by year. The oldest, wood fibre teddy bear is 111 years old!

Kecskemét and its surroundings

Zwack Palinka Manufactory of Kecskemét

What an apricot palinka from Kecskemét represents to Hungarians, is comparable to what whisky represents to the Scots and cognac to the French... The first stop of the Manufactory visit is the old distillery that was built in the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is an artefact of industrial history. After that, the visit continues in the new pálinka distillery, where we can follow the process all the way to the bottling, and the last stop is the museum's small shop, with a wide selection of drinks and gifts.

Collection of the International Studio of Enamel Art

The Studio provides creative and experimental opportunities to those domestic and foreign fine artists and applied artists, who wish to showcase their ideas in the genre of fire enamel. The collection is open every workday from 10AM to 2PM.

Szórakaténusz Toy Museum and Workshop

One of the hidden, lesser known sights of Kecskemét is this museum, which hides real treasures inside: Rare items of toy history, carved from wood, made from tow, ruff and many more materials. The museum was created for the collection and display of Hungarian toy culture in its entirety, and the exhibition was renewed and reopened at the beginning of 2019. The new permanent exhibition is open daily from 10AM to 12:30 PM and 1PM to 5PM with the exception of Mondays and Sundays.

Tőserdei Pálinkaház Restaurant

Pálinkaváros [Pálinka city] can be found in Lakitelek, located in the tourist centre called Tőserdei Pálinkaház, and it is more than a museum! It is a fictional city, offering a time travel to a remnant part of the town from the 1930s. In addition, visitors can also taste the delicacies of the Tőserdei Pálinkaház Restaurant.

Tiszakürt Arboretum

The plant collection and adventure park on the Tisza bank welcomes visitors all year round. We can take a walk under the radiant trees of the Tisza region, on a total of 60 hectares.

Kecskemét Zoo

Hungary's smallest zoo has undergone continuous development in the past 15 years: the tiger house, bear house, monkey house and lion house were finished, they added more enclosures and bird cages. The zoo offers family programs almost every weekend. For example, starting from the first weekend of March, the feeding of 3-4 species of animals is presented every Saturday and Sunday, both in the morning and afternoon.


The Planetarium in Kecskemét, being a small planetarium, can accommodate a maximum of 60 people at a time, so the shows can be intimate and humorous. Instead of impersonal shows, they present live performances accompanied by music and colourful slideshows, tailored to the groups’ needs - even accommodating special requests. From the Equator to the Arctic, they can project a starry sky observable from any latitude.

Mercedes-Benz Plant visit

During the factory tour, guests may learn about production processes and gain an insight into the work in the production halls. The plant visit is free of charge but is subject to prior registration. The program lasts about 1-1.5 hours, visitors need to walk for most of the route. Children must be older than 12 years to take part in a plant tour.

Current programs