It’s great to arrive to this enchanting town located on the bank of the Tisza river, in the South of the Hungarian Great Planes

For some reason you feel instantly calm and relaxed when you come this place in the corner of Bács-Kiskun county, right in the vicinity of Kecskemét and Szolnok.

The Tisza river bend, which runs around the town for 22.5 kilometres gives it a unique character. Both locals and tourists equally enjoy going to the river bank. It is ideal for swimming, fishing and for boats. What is more, a 300-meter long, picturesque sandy beach, located right next to the Barack Thermal Resort, welcomes you in the summer with classic beach buffet stands and water sport facilities.

The area is a very popular destination at the time of the “Tisza blooming”, i.e. the period when the Tisza mayfly mates in massive numbers. It is worth inquiring from the locals in June-July, when the sight is at its most spectacular peak. The nearby Tisza-backwater is a paradise for anglers with its rich flora and fauna.

In summer, a small tourist train circulates in town, and you can travel with it directly from the hotel to the town centre, to soak up a little of its atmosphere and get to know the other attractions. These include the lovely town centre, the neo-Gothic Protestant Church, the late Baroque Roman Catholic Church, and the workshop of the famous master of blue-dyeing (kékfestő mester), Miklós Kovács, who won a Kossuth prize this year. You can also visit the gallery of the painter Béla Gyalai and the pottery workshop of Edit Böröczki.

15 km long bike paths run in and around the town and its surroundings. So with bikes rented in the hotel, you can cycle all the way to Tiszaug on the river dam, alongside beautiful forests.